Best Studio Recording Apps for Your iPad!

Best Studio Recording Apps for Your iPad!

Do you like to level up your recording experience? If yes, here are the best studio recording apps you can use for your iPad:

It’s all about How To Mix Music. Right?

Music Studio

If Garage Band lacks in extensiveness, Music Studio makes up for it with various options to offer. The interface is familiar and intuitive. There are numerous stock instruments, which you may trigger using a virtual keyboard. Those interested may also buy additional sound banks and tones to give you a good selection of choices. Add plugin recording options and microphone and you will have heart DAW that you deserve.


It is difficult to argue against GarageBand considered being a complete studio app available. Even if limited in fine-tuning and mixing department and with only eight-track to record on, a lot of people will embrace the ability and simple interface to intuitively and immediately start making music. The onboard virtual instruments mean that the app has all you need. With extended pedal and amp selection built in for the iRig users, GarageBand is the best self-contained option for musicians.

MultiTrack DAW

It might be the finest iOS multitrack recorder you’ve never heard of. Its ability to record four tracks simultaneously on iPads using USB inputs makes MultiTrack DAW a great tool for bands who want to record their gigs or rehearsals. The users have also the option to record a single track in 2 tracks or stereo and mono at the same time. Another good thing about using MultiTrack DAW is its ability in upgrading to sixteen and twenty-four tracks through in-app purchases.

AmpliTube for iPad

Those who are willing to shell out an unusual amount of money for iOS DAW doesn’t have to look further than the AmpliTube for iPad. It’s a good recorder. However, the catch on this is that you need to buy it first and you can purchase their eight-track recorder add-on. Moreover, if you want to buy effects pedals to improve your sound options, you need to prepare for an extra amount of money to pay.


The same developer who brought the amazing Loopstastic apps has ventured into the world of multitrack recording with the mixed results. A good feature of Studio.HD is its ability in recording 3 tracks on 1, providing you twenty-four tracks to work with. Even if there’s no way to mix these individually, it enables you to experiment recording in a new way. With input recording options and simple editing interface and loop insert function, Studio.HD seems to be stuck in between Loopstastic and true DAW.


It’s another eight-track recorder, which concentrates on simplicity instead of an abundance of various options. It has an intuitive and clean design. There are also post-recording options to help master and mix your creations. Since this app is aimed for those who have their own music gear, you will not find virtual instruments, yet user-friendly interface and clean design that will let you concentrate on your music instead of getting consumed by complicated functions.